A popular way to keep any wood that matters, at its best.

The DW Maintenance Service is designed for both corporate and individual clients and provides an economical way of maintaining exterior and interior hard-worn surfaces.

We will ensure all knocks, surface scratches and any other damage such as water marks are removed. We will also apply maintenance coats to external woodwork such as doors and window frames to ensure it remains in a high quality condition.

The service comes in 3 levels:

  • Premium – provides bi-monthly visits; perfect for larger corporate clients where there are a lot of visitors to premises.
  • Maxi – provides 2 visits per year; perfect for smaller corporate clients where first impressions matter or for individual clients with quality pieces of furniture and larger homes.
  • Midi – provides one annual visit; perfect for individual clients with a modest property.

Please contact David on 07717 848 678 for more details.