Wooden Doors & Windows

Your external doors and windows open and close your home and give a first impression to all.  Unfortunately, they are prone to damage from the elements and tend to fade, peel and silver with time.

David Warburton Limited will strip and sand exterior wood to reveal the natural colour of your windows and doors. Depending on your requirements, we will re-stain to the colour of your choice.

All exterior wood is treated with an anti-UV and anti-algae resistant finish.  This protects against the greying effect of the sun’s rays by a factor of 12 and combats insect attack and fungal growth.

All treatments minimise peeling, flaking and blistering.

At David Warburton Limited we want you to be proud of your home and the image it portrays.  For more information on how David Warburton Limited can restore your windows and doors, please contact us for more information on 01625 263060 or 07717 848678.