Mahogany Dining Table

Our customer’s mahogany dining table and chairs were in need of repair – the table had visible damage to the top and was worn and faded.  This is very common damage and relatively easy to repair.

David stripped back the existing finish and sanded the dining table top to bring out the colour of the wood.  He then applied three coats of a high sheen finish to maximise the depth of colour.  Mahogany is a beautiful rich wood and as you can see, this mahogany dining table now looks fabulous.

Our customer was delighted and provided the following quote via our page on

“David has just returned our mahogany dining table after polishing it and two chairs.  It left here looking faded and tired and has been returned to its former glory.  Really impressed, great job and excellent service.  Would definitely recommend David and will use him again.”  Janet and Keith


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