Garden Furniture

David restored our customer’s Bridgeman garden furniture, including bench, chairs, armchairs and table which had silvered over time and was unprotected against harsh sunlight and wet weather.  He meticulously sanded each piece to remove the dullness and bring the natural colour back to the wood.  He then applied a finish that both protects against UV ageing and fading as well as mould, algae and fungal attack.

Our customer was delighted with the results.

“We had some Bridgeman garden furniture bought a while ago, expensive but looking tired, old and grey.  I can’t believe the total transformation.  David has done an amazing job, even taking all the individual slats off each chair seat to enable him to rub them down meticulously.  The whole set looks like new and looks fantastic, so much so I’ll now have to buy some new seat cushions as I can’t put the old ones on and spoil it.”

If your garden furniture needs treating before summer, please contact David on 07717 848678.



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