Church Doors

These exterior church doors are over 100 years old. They had layer upon layer of different varnishes and lacquers which had applied over the years, on top of each other.

The church committee approved David to undertake the restoration project.

Work Completed

As you can see from the images below, he stripped the doors back to the bare wood. This removed all the many layers of finishes that had accumulated over the years.

David then sanded each door before applying three coats of a hard-wearing exterior finish: osmo 420 UV Protection Oil. osmo is his chosen product for this type of work.  It helps protect against UV damage (sun bleaching) as well as the durability and resistance to weather damage and algae.

The transformation is amazing with the church doors are clean and back to the natural pine colour. David recommends maintenance coats to exterior wood every few years. This helps to retain the protection against weather and wear and tear.

Both parishioners and the Church committee are delighted with the results.

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